“SUMMER OF LOVES For almost 20 years now, queer tango has been leading a revolution in the world of Argentine tango. A quick look at the growing number of festivals, milongas or classes offering open-role dancing is proof enough. But as an international queer tango festival, we must not forget that over and
above our fight against prejudice and machismo, queer tango brings together minorities, lesbians, gays, transgender people, queer people and many more who will always have the pleasure of dancing together. And you can be certain that we will also be dancing with our Allies, the initial A in LGBTQIA+. With
Mexico, last year’s festival was a great success. We are proud to have helped raise the profiles of several wonderful figures from Mexico’s queer tango scene who made the most of our invitation and travelled all over Europe after the festival. For its seventh year, the La Vie en Rose international queer tango festival will take you back to the landmark celebrations of the sixties and seventies following the great fights for freedom and equality. Basking in the sunshine of the Summer of Loves, we will wear flowers in our hair, swapping roles just like they did in the concerts of the hippie counter-culture. Then it will be time for some passionate embraces in the glitter-festooned world of disco. From the sweetness of peace and love to the high-octane energy of disco inferno, under the electric influence of Janis Joplin and the perfectionism of Madonna, La Vie en Rose will be an event where you can dance Argentine  tango in a very queer way indeed. In 2022, Paris tango is burning with you.”




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