Photos pour La Vie en Rose Tango Meeting Paris LVR4 2017
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LVR4 by Camille Collin

Camille Collin is a portraitist and wedding photographer, independent and professional. She shares her year between portraits (personal / business) and the wedding live photography. AFTER HAVING OBTAINED IN 2005 AND 2007 MY TWO DIPLOMAS OF PHOTOGRAPHY, I PURSUE MY TRAINING WITH A CURSUS IN HISTORY OF ART IN THE SORBONNE. I then became assistant photographer and developed the lights of many Parisian photographers. These experiences allow me to approach the report, the portrait, the studio or the exterior. Thus, since 2008, I answer many orders. Specialized in portraiture since 2012, I welcome my clients in my studio or I move in company. Convinced that we are all photogenic, I reassure, guide and make the best of my models. I love natural portraits, timeless and elegant.

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LVR4 by Yan Pradeau

Yan Pradeau, musician, dancer, author and photographer! Of all these activities, photography is the oldest, faithful companion of his long daydreams of solitary walker. It is by starting the tango that he starts to portrait and digital, because old man, he always drags the Leica of his grandmother Alice with him. Write the movement, joy and intense emotion that is born in the moment before fading, Yan Pradeau is a witness of the ordinary.

Sites :

Algèbre, novel by Yan Pradeau

Interview to Yan Pradeau

Site officiel (en construction)

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LVR4 by Tom Smile

Curious. I think that would best define my life and my practice. Testing, discovering and experimenting has become indispensable, whether technically or culturally speaking. This is on my journey. Having started a training in cinema and theater, I abandoned her for the benefit of photography, before embarking on graphic design at the Estienne school, and then finishing on a master’s degree in artistic direction at the Gobelins school where I am currently. Apart from being a passion, photography is also a way to satisfy my thirst for curiosity. It makes me discover unsuspected worlds, and sometimes takes me, capturing a milonga in the middle of the night, in a warm and festive atmosphere. And allows me to meet, exchange and open myself to formidable personalities.

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LVR4 by Mac Harley

Accustomed to the Parisian nights that distil the perfume of the Roaring Twenties, Mac is a timeless photographer who knows how to capture the atmosphere of the evenings. As for my visit to LVR these two evenings were very pleasant as last year, I frequent more often the swing parties, question of musical tastes, and I appreciated the elegance, the style, and the place of the evenings . Congratulations to all the team, the artists for this organization. And congratulations to the dancers.

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