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LVR4 Artists


Marina is the founder of the Queer Tango Club in St. Petersburg, the first queer social dancing club in Russia. As the director of QTC, she has made a major contribution to raising the profile of queer dancing. QTC now offers classes in a variety of dance styles, holds regular milongas and, since 2014, has organised an annual International Queer Tango Festival. Marina learned tango in St. Petersburg, Buenos Aires, Paris and Berlin by working with many maestros. Anna has danced tango for seven years in a variety of countries, also learning from leading Argentinian maestros. In parallel, she researches personal development in adults and was recently awarded a doctorate.

CLAUDIO CARDONA & VITO MUÑOZ (Argentina /Peru / Spain)

It was good fortune that brought this partnership into existence. Claudio is from the Argentinian city of Bariloche and Vito is from Peru. In 2009, the two met in Madrid where they organised ‘La Covacha’ milonga, a popular fixture in the Spanish capital’s tango calendar. They decided to hold a class before the milonga, which meant that they had to master both roles. The results spoke for themselves and the newly formed dance couple was soon in great demand. Claudio and Vito now work in various countries in Europe and together, they bring a positive, explosive energy to their dance. In their classes, they like to share clear, personal concepts that can be applied to all levels. Meet them and make the most of this opportunity!

VICTORIA VIEYRA (Festival Godmother)

Victoria’s tango has its roots in the Milonga Porteña tradition. For the past 25 years she has travelled the world, sharing her passion for tango by teaching and performing. With Gustavo Naveira and Fabian Salas, she explored the first steps of Tango Nuevo at the Cochabamba 444 dance hall in Buenos Aires. She has partnered many of the greats who contributed to tango’s renaissance – Mariano “Chicho” Frúmboli and Pablo Verón which whom she was invited to the White House. With a variety of partners, she choreographs and performs on tour with Gotan Project.


Benjamin is naturally curious, interested in meeting new people and exploring diverse cultures thanks to the various languages he speaks. But Argentine tango opened his eyes to something completely different – the body as a means of expression and communication. While travelling all over Europe to learn from maestros teaching a diverse range of styles, he co-founded the El Recodo association in Bordeaux in 2010. This became a real teaching laboratory and Benjamin is happiest when researching the most effective methods for passing on this wealth of possibilities for expression and communication, both as a leader and follower in the dance.


Yana started dancing tango over 10 years ago in St. Petersburg before the idea of queer tango even existed in Russia. She was one of the first female leaders to dance at the traditional milongas there. She co-founded Salida, a queer tango school in St. Petersburg, and is also the co-founder of the city’s queer tango festival. Yana is now based in Germany and continues to teach and share her knowledge with Europe’s queer tango communities.


Veronica was born in Moscow but started dancing tango in 2000 in The Netherlands. She has been actively teaching and performing since 2007. She lives in Paris and is one of the founders and teachers of Tango Mon Amour, a group of five professionals from Paris and Lyon. She teaches in Paris and travels regularly to others cities of France and the rest of Europe. Her experience in modern dance and classical ballet allowed her to build a solid technique, further enriched by her experience with various bodywork techniques. She has worked with different partners, performing and teaching in France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic and USA.


For Céline, tango is the first step on the path towards a deeper awareness of the self and our relationship with others. The quest for connection and balance, the art of being simultaneously light and grounded and the possibilities of expressing our whole being are her primary interests in tango. These are the touchstones that guide her as she teaches, along with the individuals who practise the dance.
She has found that there are as many forms of tango as there are tango dancers…


As a contemporary dancer, Vincent discovered Argentine tango during a trip to Buenos Aires in 2013. His passion for the dance was immediate and he left France to live in Argentina for three years, training with many local and international maestros. He was naturally drawn to learning both roles from the very beginning of his tango journey. After his return to France, Vincent took on the role of artist manager at the international queer tango festival in Paris. He currently teaches queer and traditional tango at various schools and collectives.

CAROLINA UDOVIKO (Argentina/France)

Carolina learned tango in Buenos Aires from the teaching and dancing greats and became a teacher herself in 1998. In 1999 she moved to Brazil and became the administrator of the “Club do Tango” in Sao Paulo. In 2006, Carolina opened her first school in France, in Dijon. In addition to dancing and teaching, Carolina is also a passionate tango DJ who knows exactly how to get the party started.


Rolan Van Löor and Jorge Crudo were born in Argentina and studied at the leading dance schools in Argentina, the US and Europe. They are dancers, choreographers and teachers of Argentine tango and contemporary dance. Both have vast experience of performing with internationally renowned dance companies. In their classes, sequences of steps are just a starting point as they encourage their students to analyse their movement using the fundamentals of the dance. For more than fifteen years, they have shared the rewards of their original approach in their teaching and choreography.


Leonid Ivanov is from a small town near Moscow and started dancing tango in November 2008. In 2012, he became an assistant teacher at the Moscow Queer Tango School and went on to DJ for the queer tango milongas in Moscow. Since 2015, he has been invited to teach and DJ at festivals throughout Russia and further afield (Berlin and Paris).

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