Rodrigo Cervantes for LVR6

1.LVR : How did you discover Argentine tango?

— Rodrigo Cervantes : I discovered tango when I was living in Italy. I went to a milonga where a beginners’ class was being held. I then had the opportunity to live in Buenos Aires and come into contact with the queer tango movement there.

2.LVR : How did you introduce Argentine tango and queer tango to Mexico?

— Tango has been around in Mexico for a long time and you can dance at regular milongas almost every day. In 2010, Jathan Sanchez and I decided to open a weekly tango class and went on to organise Mexico’s first international queer tango festival. This year will be our ninth festival.

3. LVR: Does your love of theatre and knowledge of architecture influence your queer tango festival?

— They are all artistic endeavours that complement one another. Thanks to theatre, we have put on a show at the festival each year. Thanks to architecture, we have been able to hold Argentine tango classes in certain universities.

4. LVR: We are honoured that you are the godfather of La Vie en Rose this year. But this isn’t your first queer tango festival – you’ve been to Buenos Aires, Oslo, Stockholm, Cologne, Paris, Berlin and New York. And you’re the director of the international queer tango festival in San Francisco. What does queer tango mean to you and why do you think it is important to defend its values?

— Spreading the queer tango philosophy is an important step towards breaking down the barriers erected by society “if you are a man, you must lead and if you are a woman, you must follow”. Today, in Mexico at least, seeing two men or two women dancing tango together isn’t strange or scandalous any more. It creates a very liberating atmosphere with no distinction between the roles.

5. LVR: What does tango in Paris mean to you?

— Paris is one of the world’s major capitals. Coming to La Vie en Rose international festival in Paris with a group of Mexican dancers and showcasing the talent harboured by Mexican tango is a source of great pride. It is a real honour for us that Mexico is the guest country.

6. LVR: Tell us a bit about Mexico…

— Mexico is a land of tradition, a land of many folk festivals. We hold our queer tango festival on the famous Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). In addition to enjoying seminars, milongas and exhibitions, tango dancers can have the unforgettable experience of wandering through the capital’s streets and getting to know its culture and cuisine.

7. LVR: In conclusion, can you tell us about your current plans?

— We are getting ready for Mexico’s ninth international queer tango festival which will be held from 31 October to 1 November 2019. I am also working on my new musical “María Quimera”.