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      Louis(e) de Ville is an actress, burlesque performer, sex educator and author. With a degree in dramatic arts, she became involved in political theatre in her native Kentucky, acting in plays tackling racism, sexism and homophobia head on. Now living in France, she continues to perform in her adoptive country and throughout Europe, turning gender codes on their head as part of her very own brand of feminist and queer propaganda. Her characters range from model housewife to whore, candy-coloured girls with barley-sugar cocks, pin-up sailors, gangsters in glitter and bearded ladies. She is a living example of the pro-sex movement and makes Judith Butler and Michel Foucault exciting. With Wendy Delorme and Mister Mister, she created the Drag King Fem Show. She also directed The Vagina Monologues in 2002, created Fem-tasmes de Louise de Ville in 2006 and wrote her first play in French, Betty speaks, in 2009. She presented a preliminary version of this show at the 3rd Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in Paris, winning the best actress award.

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Louis (e) De Ville will host a special workshop DRAG KINGS, Friday, June 29 at 5.30 pm The spots are limited.