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</p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: 14pt;">Olga will offer her exclusive Man > Woman or Woman > Man transformation services during the festival. She is coming directly from St. Petersburg and only has a limited number of slots available.<br /> </span></p> <p>


OLGA ZHGUN Make-up Artist (Russia)

Olga is a professional stylist, image consultant-designer and make-up artist. She has been working for the fashion and beauty industry for nine years and is the founder of Queerpoint Make-over Studio, Russia’s first cross-dressing and makeover service. The studio offers design, beauty, style and image consulting services along with photography and video shooting. Olga has recently introduced two new lines:

-Temporary make-overs for cross-dressing men and women.

-A service for transgender people who are in the process of transitioning.

The most important thing for me is the look in a happy customer’s eyes after seeing in the mirror what has been hiding inside for such a long time. I think that happiness comes when there is harmony between the inside and the outside and when you can express how you feel. And I am delighted to guide you along this path”

Find out more about Olga:

Official Queer Point Make Over Studio Website

Facebook : Queer Point

Instagram : Queer Point

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TAM Fragrance designer (Réunion Island)

Tam is a fragrance designer who started studying international business before turning to perfumery. She joined Quest International, an internationally renowned perfume house (taken over by Givaudan in 2007), as a sales assistant for France, and it was here that she discovered the world of fragrance composition. After training in-house with leading perfumers, she became part of a fragrance development team and went on to work for a variety of prestigious brands (Hugo Boss, Serge Lutens, Lacoste, Jean Patou, etc.).
She returned to Réunion 12 years ago and has been working exclusively in perfumery ever since. She has opened her own perfume studio, Studio Mémoire D’Sens, where she shares her expertise, runs perfume workshops and holds private consultations to create bespoke fragrances for clients.

Why does fragrance mean so much to Tam? Because it takes us on a journey to who we are, revealing our innermost secrets and giving free rein to our emotions.

To find out more about Tam:
Facebook : MémoireD’Sens

Official Website MémoireD’Sens

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Romuald Lamy Bijoutier-Jeweller (Paris)

Romuald Lamy is a private jewellery designer who is passionate about fine stones and precious metals. During his unusual journey, he has explored many different artistic areas. As an amateur sculptor and painter, he discovered his true passion while studying architecture – design, particularly jewellery design.
This revelation inspired him to study jewellery and he became a private jewellery designer in 1997.
Through the combination of stones and precious metals, the sky is the limit for his creativity.
In his unique pieces, his clients’ dreams take on material form.
He designs collections for partners from the worlds of fashion and jewellery.
Romuald describes himself as a craftsman who places his special talents at the service of his clients, from the first meeting until the final creation.

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Florence Darlan Stylist (Paris - Buenos Aires)

Florence is from Argentina, but it was in her studio in Paris that her creativity really took flight. Her designs are inspired by the feminine and the balance between movement and sensuality. Beautiful materials, lace, embroidery and appliqués come together in mosaics that bring out the beauty of women. Thanks to her expertise born from an intimate knowledge of traditional and contemporary techniques, each of Florence’s creations is considered unique. Each receives special care, as shown in the quality of the materials and the finishing touches made by hand. Florence has worked for the Lido, Opéra Garnier and the Moulin Rouge.

Find out more about Florence:

Facebook : Florence Darlan

Florence Darlan’s Boutique will be available during the festival evenings.

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La Vikinga Shoes (Buenos Aires - Iceland)

La Vikinga shoes are handmade by highly-skilled Argentinean craftswomen and -men using the finest materials, including Argentinean leather, Icelandic fish leather, lace, fabric and sequins. La Vikinga Shoes also has an ecological range of footwear made from organic leather. You can find shoes for all occasions – work, parties, weddings, milongas, shows, the practice studio or performances.

Find out more about La Vikinga Shoes:

Facebook : La Vikinga Shoes

La Vikinga Official Store

A stand presenting La Vikinga shoes will be available during the Workshops and evenings of the festival.

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