CHANTAL CASSIM -Reunion Island

Chantal DJs in Reunion Island where milongas are held every weekend, and in Lille when she is passing through. She prefers to play music by the greats of the Golden Age along with some contemporary orchestras, mixing familiar tangos with some nice surprises. She says that she dances because she loves the music and choosing it for others is a treat. LVR5, la Réunion lè là!!!


With her love of tango going back to 1987, Karo la Chica still dances both roles with as much passion as ever. She started DJing in the noughties, first using CDs, now with digital media. In addition to regular milongas in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, Karo has DJed at the queer festivals of Hamburg, Stockholm and Oslo and the queer marathon of Oldenburg.
Her choice of music is guided by her dancer’s sensitivity and she mostly plays classic tangos from all periods.
She is particularly attentive to the flow and energy of the milonga and if you want to dance during the cortina – go ahead – her music is there for you to dance to it!
“I am happy to see how the notion of queer has spread throughout the world since the first festival in Hamburg. As the saying goes, I was born at a time when sex was dirty, and I can see how far we have now come, with same-sex marriage, for instance. But discrimination, ignorance and rejection persist. If you are trans*, you are still seen as being a freak just for being who you are. We still have some way to go before we can live in peace while being ourselves…
See you in Paris, freaks – it’s time to party!”

ASYA MOISEEVA -Russia/France

Asya Moiseeva is from the Russian city of St Petersburg. She started DJing in April 2014 at the regular milongas of St Petersburg and then Moscow. Little by little, invitations for international events started coming in and she has now worked at many marathons in Europe (O’ Cerasiello, Remolino, FTM, TangoJam, 4 Saisons, La Cita de los amigos, etc.). Last year, she was resident DJ at the oldest milonga in St Petersburg. She now lives in Paris, DJing at local milongas while continuing to feature at international events. Her interest in music goes beyond tango – she loves jazz and plays the guitar, ukelele and a bit of the saxophone. Her musical training and passion for music are a huge asset in her work as a DJ.

PASKAL -France

Paskal lives in Paris. He fell in love with tango in 2003. For the next five years, he perfected his skills as a dancer while developing a real passion for the music. He fell under the spell of the rich musical variety offered by tango and the bandonéon has particular appeal for him.

Between 2008 and 2011, he lived in Reunion Island where he founded a tango association with his wife. He DJed at many milongas there and organised the TangoRUN festival in 2010.
On his return to Paris in 2011, he became a popular DJ among fans of tango’s golden age. He is a regular DJ at the queer milonga Todo es Amor and DJs in Paris (la Tanguedia, Corazon des Abbesses, Chantier and Dolce Vita) Nantes, Ukraine and LVR.