Jathan is invited to DJ when touring as a tango artist. He has DJ-ed at practicas and milongas in various cities in Mexico and the US and has created tandas for national and state tango championships. Seeing the smiles on dancers’ faces and helping them enjoy a 10-minute dance is among the most rewarding experiences of Jathan’s life.

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ASYA MOISEEVA - Russia/France

Asya Moiseeva is from the Russian city of St Petersburg. She started DJing in April 2014 at the regular milongas of St Petersburg and then Moscow. Little by little, invitations for international events started coming in and she has now worked at many marathons in Europe (O’ Cerasiello, Remolino, FTM, TangoJam, 4 Saisons, La Cita de los amigos, etc). Last year, she was resident DJ at the oldest milonga in St Petersburg. She now lives in Paris, DJing at local milongas while continuing to feature at international events. Her interest in music goes beyond tango – she loves jazz and plays the guitar, ukelele and a bit of the saxophone. Her musical training and passion for music are a huge asset in her work as a DJ.


Anna Jorgensen lives in Sheffield in the UK. She has DJ’ed at milongas and festivals across the UK, Europe and Buenos Aires. She selects pieces from all periods of the tango canon, aiming always to create danceable tandas with strong musical and emotional coherence, identity and energy. Anna seeks to construct a narrative flow through her set, taking dancers on a journey with her.

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In 2009, Benjamin created the El Recodo Tango milonga in Bordeaux with his friend Gregory Diaz, a tango collector and great source of inspiration. During his years as a DJ there, Benjamin was given free rein to experiment and seek out the best ways of energising the dancers, drawing on their feedback to constantly refine his technique.
Taking the public’s reaction to his first tandas as his starting point, Benjamin carefully steers the milonga’s course, skilfully playing on the matching and contrasting energies of tandas and cortinas, rarely with more than one tanda created ahead of time.