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FRIDAY 30 June

“Tango and Russia : a love story”

Veronica Toumanova (Paris)

06.30 pm – 7.30 pm Salle Colonne (Library)

Russians are known for their high level of dancing, their competitiveness and Russian women particularly are known for their intense tango embraces. Tango arrived to Russia in about the same period as I started dancing it in Europe, in the beginning of 2000. I have witnessed its
blossoming in my native city of Moscow when I went there to visit and later to teach. In this talk I will describe how tango came to Russia and why it caught on so well. I will try to answer the questions why Russians love it so much and what makes them become so good in it so quickly. I will also give my own explanation on what makes tango embraces of Russian women so impressive to other nationalities.

  Conference followed by a debate with Veronica. Free admission, subject to availability Find out more about Veronica Toumanova by clickingon the image.

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Saturday 1 July

“Queer tango goes to  Russia”

Aleksandr M Vinogradov

05.30 pm – 06.30 pm Salle Colonne 

In June 2013, a federal law of Russia criminalized the distribution of “propaganda” among minors in support of what it defined as “nontraditional” sexual relationships, and was enacted as an amendment to an existing child protection law. The law has resulted in the numerous arrests of Russian LGBT citizens publicly opposing the law and there has reportedly been a surge of homophobic propaganda, violence, and even hate crimes, many of whom use the law as justification. I couldn’t accept what was happening with my country. In 2013, as soon as I discovered queer tango i knew i wanted to make the subject of my film. I decided to bring more inspiration
to LGBT of my country and to support Queer tango movement, so I got an idea to make a documentary film with queer tango dancers from all over the world who are visiting dance events in Russia, even that it’s not safe for LGBT travelers these days.

Conference followed by a debate with the film crew. Free admission, subject to availability..

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